Mini Threaded Inserts and Screws for Pickguard and Covers


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These M3 Threaded Inserts are perfect for mounting pick guards, covers, and jack plates. They work just the same as the bigger ones for Neck Mounting: drill a hole (5-5.5 mm) and screw in the inserts wit a hex key (Allen Key).

Size: 8mm long, 6mm Diameter

They have a overhanging rim which gives a nice seamless finish at the surface. This is so much better and durable than screwing wood screws straight into the wood! Ideal for repairs!

Make sure to test on a piece of scrap wood, how wide your drilling hole needs to be: the brass inserts are more fragile and soft than the steel ones.  If you use too much force for inserting, the hex drive may wear out! 5mm is fine for soft wood (mahagony, etc.)  5.5mm is better for Maple.

Pro Tip: be careful with painted surfaces: us a countersink bit to prepare the hole for the drill bit. Other wise the paint may crack around the hole, which cannot be covered by the rim of the inserts.

Screws are included ( Stainless Steel M3, 10 mm) Black screws coming soon!


Stainless Steel, Gold, Black


12, 25, 50


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