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Gratis-Versand ab Lager in Deutschland!  Lieber Besucher, der Shop ist zur Zeit noch in Englisch, aber ich hoffe du kommst klar!  Danke für dein Verständnis. Michael

drill, mount insert, screw! thats it!

threaded Inserts For Guitar necks.

Do you have a Fender-style guitar and want to improve the neck mounting? You came to the right place. We have a nice variety of screws and  threaded inserts for you. Measure your screws first, there are are two typical lengths: 45 mm and 40 mm.  40mm is more common with basses, Strats and Tele-style guitars usually have the 45mm screws. 
Better sustain and improved stability is what you can expect from our products.  No more pain with the neck!

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Neck screws of my favourite Strat were stripped! this kit saved my life!
Axel S.
I dont have much experience with woodwork, but this was super easy.
Mike S.
I used to fill worn out screwholes with dowels and drill new holes, but this is so much better.
Stephane D.
The sound of my cheap Strat copy improved a lot. Worth every penny!
Andrea F.

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