Black Bolt-On Neck Guitar Screws and Inserts for Strat, Tele and Bass , different sizes


  • for bolt-on neck guitar and bass models
  • fits standard neck plates
  • ideal for Strat, Tele (check screw length)
  • more sustain through super stable join between body and neck
  • easy to mount, illustrated manual included
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Bulk discounts 2 - 3 3%
Bulk discounts 3 - 4 5%
Bulk discounts 4 - 7 7%
Bulk discounts 8 + 10%


More sustain and better stability instantly!

4 Black  steel screws with 4 zinc plated threaded steel inserts.

The bolts are made of stainless steel. The surface is covered with a rigid, pitch black electro-chemical super material, this is no cheap lacquer or anything like that! These are industrial standard high quality screws.

These inserts and stainless steel bolts solve a problem that Leo didn’t think about too much: the classic bolts screwed directly into the wood of the neck do not make a perfectly stable connection in the long term. You can improve your instrument a lot by simply replacing the screws and mounting the inserts in the neck. No more stripped screws! Don’t worry, the kit comes with a nice instruction manual, so if you can use a hex wrench and a power drill, you can make the change yourself easily.

Check your screws: the length should be around 45mm or 40mm, diameter 4mm (Metric M4) or 5 mm (M5).

Screw Head diameter: 7.3mm (M4)and 9 mm (M5)

Drill hole width: 6.5mm (M4), 8mm(M5)

Drills and wrench are not included.

Content: 4 screws and inserts.

Please measure your screws in advance: Tele and Strat are mostly 45 mm, J-Basses are 40 mm… Every Instrument is different!

Need 5 screws? or 6 or even seven?  Just ask, no problem!
Looking for different length screws like Ibanez uses them ? Check out our Ibanez Kit, with 35 and 40 mm M5 Screws!  

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45mm, 40mm


M5 (5mm), M4 (4mm)